Our story

Acknowledging an industry need and turning it into an opportunity, in 1999 the entrepreneur Mr. Mário Pereira founded Eletropoll Trays, in the town of Corupá, which is situated in Northern Santa Catarina. Offering Electric Cable Trays, Profiles, Cable Bases and Conduits, the seriousness and quality of work guaranteed the success of the undertaking. Ten years later, in 2009, the same entrepreneurship created Eletropoll Electric Panels, offering Modular Panels, Control Cabinets, Command Consoles, 19” Racks, Medium Voltage Switchgears and Schlüsseldienst Berlin special designs, assisting every customer in a personalized and dynamic way. After having taken on, decisively, the commitment to offer solutions for the industry, in 2017 the third unit of the company was born: Eletropoll Steel Trading, providing solutions to the trading and processing of steel narrow coils and steel sheets.

Nuestra Estructura

For nearly 20 years on the market, currently the total units’ numbers are:

– Total area of more than 61 thousand square meters, 13 thousand of those are built areas;

– Monthly production capacity of over 800 tons;

– Over 150 km/month produced in straight sections;

– Over 900 electric panels produced monthly.

Always working towards technological innovation and excellency in raw materials acquisition, valuing people and ethics most of all: this is Eletropoll.

Efficiency. Quality. Innovation.

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Our units




Productive capacity

2500 ton/month

Eletropoll Built Area

22 thousands m²

Productive Capacity of Hot Dip Galvanization

600 ton/month

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